14 July 2024
1 year ago
An armed man entrenches himself in a house in Seville
1 year ago
Several people injured in shooting in Seville, Spain, police say, negotiations ongoing with suspect barricaded inside home
PM of Spain Pedro Sanchez: I thank President Xi Jinping for his welcome on this historic trip. This visit boosts our bilateral relations and strengthens cooperation on various global challenges. We have also had a candid exchange on Russia's aggression against Ukraine.
1 year ago
Traffic is operating on a "stop and go" basis on Rosia Road while emergency services attend to a traffic accident. An @RGPolice spokesperson says the road will be fully reopened shortly
A vote of no confidence in the Spanish government of Pedro Sanchez was rejected
PM of Spain Pedro Sanchez has arrived in Kyiv1 year ago
PM of Spain Pedro Sanchez has arrived in Kyiv
1 year ago
Shots were fired in an incident at Eastern Beach involving Spanish Customs officers & suspected smugglers. One of the Spanish officers was reportedly seriously injured when a stone was thrown at his face. The police & army searched with metal detectors, we think for bullets
1 year ago
An RGP operation has been ongoing at Eastern Beach following what appears to be an "incident" with a Spanish Customs vessel. There are reports shots were fired and GBC understands police have been searching the beach for any bullets
1 year ago
Speech of the Moroccan Prime Minister during talks with his Spanish counterpart
A man with a criminal record kills his partner and her 8-year-old daughter in Valladolid. The perpetrator would have called his brother-in-law to notify him of the double murder perpetrated with a knife
US and European officials suspect Russian intelligence directed an ethno-nationalist group to mail bombs in Spain to leaders there and US and Ukrainian diplomats
Spanish police said Tuesday they had seized a boat carrying 4.4 tonnes of hashish off southern Spain and arrested its two British crew who were allegedly headed for Latin America
Spanish media: the discovery of an explosive parcel at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid
A sixth letter-bomb detected in the US Embassy in Madrid
Another suspicious package is detected at the Ministry of Defense of Spain
Spain's Interior Minister orders to tighten security measures in public and diplomatic facilities after series of explosive packages discovered
The Spanish authorities detect an explosive package addressed to the Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez
They detect a new suspicious letter addressed to the satellite center at the Torrejón air base
Spain: Third explosive package has been detected at the Torrejón de Ardoz military base, after the letter bombs sent to the Ukrainian embassy and to a weapons company in Zaragoza
Ukrainian MFA spox @OlegNikolenko_ says explosive device hidden in an envelop detonated inside Ukraine Embassy in Madrid. 1 staff injured; not life threatening. FM @DmytroKuleba ordered security strengthened at all Ukrainian embassies, asked Spain to urgently investigate blast
An explosion occurred at Ukraine's embassy in Madrid, injuring at least one person, the Spanish Interior Ministry said
Spanish Defense Minister: We will provide Ukraine with two additional Hawk air defense systems to counter Russian forces
19 arrested and 7 'indoor' marijuana plantations dismantled in San Blas-Canillejas and Coslada
1 year ago
Police officers redirecting traffic at the bottom of Europa Road & start of Prince Edward's Road
Yesterday, 2 national police officers and a civil guard were arrested in Seville in an operation against drug trafficking as part of a criminal organization with 360 kilos of cocaine seized
1 year ago
UK national arrested on suspicion of possession of firearm following incident at Western Beach
1 year ago
Developing situation in area of Eroski/Western Beach, with police officers on scene. Customers at Eroski were not allowed to leave for around 20 mins. We'll bring you more information as we get it
1 year ago
Developing situation in area of Eroski/Western Beach, with @RGPolice officers on scene. Customers at Eroski were not allowed to leave for around 20 mins. We'll bring you more information as we get it
The Egyptian army is conducting a joint naval exercise with the United States and Spain in the Mediterranean
A major wildfire in the Valencian municipality of Bejís that has already destroyed vast swathes of land gathered pace again on Thursday night despite heavy rainfall, as another fire started on Friday inside a nearby natural park