Map. History of Spain conflict

21 Avril 2018
15 heure il y a
First Minister of Andalusia, Susana Diaz (PSOE): "It is late, violence can never be justified. They are the only ones to blame for the pain caused"
15 heure il y a
Basque First Minister Iñigo Urkullu (PNV): new ETA statement "one more step", "they have the opportunity, in their final, unilateral declaration, to consider all victims in the same way and recognise the unfair damage caused".
16 heure il y a
La Vanguardia reports former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls is considering a proposal from Ciudadanos to become their candidate for Mayor of Barcelona
19 heure il y a
Basque separatist group ETA apologises for 'harm' it has caused: statement
Spain Finance Minister Montoro in El Mundo interview on Monday: "I don't know what money was used to pay for those Chinese ballot boxes on October 1, or to pay for Puigdemont's expenses. But I know it wasn't public money"
Supreme Court orders finance minister to prove no public funds spent on Catalan separatist referendum
Spanish state unable to cope with two million separatist voters on October 1 but avoided "massacre", say most senior Spanish judges, who confirm Catalonia declared independence
Michel Barnier: L'Espagne a un "levier de solidarité unanime" de l'UE dans les négociations post-Brexit Gibraltar
1 semaine il y a
Catalan Parliament to present a criminal complaint against Supreme Court judge Pablo Llarena for refusing to allow Jordi Sánchez out of jail to attend a confidence debate
1 semaine il y a
No confidence debate in the Catalan Parliament this morning, after a Supreme Court judge again refused to allow the separatist candidate, Jordi Sánchez, out of jail to attend
Supreme Court rejects petition by Jordi Sánchez to be released from prison for confidence debate in Catalonia on Friday, again.
1 semaine il y a
Catalonia Ponsati extradition process in Scotland adjourned until May
1 semaine il y a
Edinburgh court says the case on the extradition of Catalan politician Ponsati to Spain needs further procedural hearing
La visite du prince héritier saoudien en Espagne ajoutera une «nouvelle dimension» aux relations bilatérales. #CrownPrinceInSpain
Mohammed Ben Salman arrive à Madrid pour sa première visite officielle
German warrant is for a British citizen wanted for smuggling and tax evasion, but the Spanish prosecutor's statement clearly, if indirectly, references Schleswig-Holstein decision on Puigdemont
Ignacio Aguado, Ciudadanos leader in Madrid, calls on the First Minister, Cristina Cifuentes (PP), to resign.
1 semaine il y a
Catalan separatist CDR groups planning to protest King Felipe's visit to Barcelona this morning
1 semaine il y a
Former Catalan leader Puigdemont says intends to live in Berlin while German legal proceedings go ahead
Puigdemont exhorte Madrid à «commencer un dialogue politique» en Catalogne
Puigdemont quitte la prison allemande sous caution
2 semaine il y a
L'ancien dirigeant catalan Puigdemont quitte la prison allemande après la mise en liberté sous caution - Reuters
Le tribunal espagnol libère Falciani HSBC fuite sous caution: source judiciaire
Le juge d'instruction dit que la police catalane a posté des unités antiterroristes (selon un plan mis en place après les attentats terroristes du mois d'août) en dehors des bases de la Garde civile et de la Police nationale le 1er octobre pour suivre les mouvements de leurs escouades anti-émeutes
2 semaine il y a
L'Ecosse devrait mettre la justice espagnole "en jugement" dans l'affaire catalane: l'avocat
Les dirigeants séparatistes ont ignoré à plusieurs reprises et de manière "systématique" les décisions de la Cour constitutionnelle, selon le juge d'instruction de l'Audience nationale
Un porte-parole du Home Office espagnol nous dit qu'il est trop tôt pour commenter la situation actuelle du major Trapero, qui occupe encore un poste dans les Mossos, dont les officiers sont armés
Le juge de l’Audience nationale dit qu'il existait une "stratégie préméditée parfaitement coordonnée" pour atteindre l'objectif commun d'indépendance de la Catalogne vis-à-vis de l'Espagne
National High Court investigating judge sees proof of a: "complex and heterogeneous organisation united around the aim of achieving the secession of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia and its proclamation as an independent Republic".
The @StateDept has approved 3 potential foreign military sales, including 14 upgraded F-16s to Slovakia (worth ~$2.91 billion), 17 CH-47F cargo helicopters to Spain (worth ~$1.3 billion) and contractor logistics support for the UK's MQ-9 Reaper drones (worth ~$500 million)
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