19 July 2024
Spain PM Sanchez will stay in office, after considering resigning over an investigation of his wife
Spanish PM Sanchez to announce at 1000 GMT if he is quitting: official
Alberto Núñez Feijóo appears at the PP headquarters after Sánchez's announcement to consider his resignation
Spanish Prime Minister @sanchezcastejon says Israel's "disproportionate" response in Gaza threatens the stability of the Middle East and the world
Spanish Prime Minister: Recognizing a Palestinian state is a "geopolitical interest for Europe"
Prime Minister of Spain: Israel must clarify the circumstances of the attack on World Kitchen employees as soon as possible
President of Ukraine Zelenskyy held a constructive and meaningful telephone conversation with the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Spain Pedro Sanchez3 month ago
President of Ukraine Zelenskyy held a constructive and meaningful telephone conversation with the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Spain Pedro Sanchez
Spain has agreed with Ireland, Malta and Slovenia leaders to take the first steps towards recognizing a Palestinian state, PM Sanchez said on Friday following a meeting of the European Council in Brussels
Agence France-Presse: A Spanish aid ship was spotted off Gaza City
Spain's prime minister says he will propose that parliament recognizes a Palestinian state
Concentration of tractors and farmers in the Center of Madrid
Farmers report that they are not allowed to leave Torrejón de la Calzada
5 month ago
Pilot Maksim Kuzminov, who fled from Russia to Ukraine with Mi-8AMTSh helicopter, was shot dead in Spain on 13th February
The Spanish Foreign Minister announces additional aid worth 3.5 million euros to UNRWA
5 month ago
Barcelona Port President: The delay due to the Red Sea affects all sectors, including the liquefied natural gas supply chain
Spanish state to acquire 10% of Telefonica: government
Defense Secretary Austin announced a new international task force to protect shipping from Houthi attacks in the Red Sea. The group will be called Operation Prosperity Guardian and includes the UK, Bahrain, Canada, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Seychelles and Spain
7 month ago
EU: A Spanish warship approaches a hijacked merchant ship
Israel summons the Spanish ambassador after Prime Minister Sanchez's statements regarding the war in Gaza
AFP: Spain intends to work towards "recognition of the Palestinian state"
Spanish Prime Minister calls on Israel to stop the "blind killing of Palestinians in Gaza"
The PSOE understands that Borrell and others are "concerned" about the amnesty law, but believes that this rule will favor coexistence between that community and the rest of Spain
Spain turns against Pedro Sánchez: hundreds of protesters take the Gran Vía in Madrid and demand the resignation of the socialist government
Ryanair Boeing 737 collides with an Air Europe Boeing 787 in Madrid
Scholz: Always good to talk to you, @ZelenskyyUa. In Granada, I once again pledged our support to Ukraine - and announced that I would help with the delivery of another Patriot system to defend against air and drone attacks in the upcoming winter months
President of Ukraine Zelensky met with PM of Armenia Pashinyan in Granada, Spain
President Zelensky arrived in Spain for the summit of the European Political Community
13 dead after fire at nightclub in Murcia, Spain
Puigdemont offers to Sánchez to facilitate his investiture, forgetting about the amnesty if the PSOE leader publicly recognizes that "Bola de Drac is much better in Catalan"
10 month ago
Massive floods due to intense rains in the Guadamur of Toledo province, Spain