Map. History of Spain conflict

20 September 2017
@Guardiacivil informs that at Unipost has seized 45,000 letters that @govern had to send
Catalan government considers suspended the order to intervene in the Catalan finances
Spain Police arrested in Catalonia a Pakistani man for promoting terrorism/spreading propaganda on social media
410 migrants, including children, arrive in Palermo after a Spanish vessel brings them safely ashore
Spanish army moves armoured vehicles in Catalonia
Spanish foreign ministry says has asked North Korean Ambassador to leave Spain by end of month
Following the prohibition to host a pro-referendum event in a municipal site, the organisers hold it in the streets. Catalonia
Catalonia: as the mayors met inside thousands of people gathered outside to show their support to the mayors and the referendum
The @guardiacivil intervenes at print factory which produce posters for Catalonia referendum in Sant Adrià de Besòs
Spain National Guard seized plates to print posters of the referendum
Spanish minister: Central government is taking over payments of essential services in Catalonia amid independence bid
Spain National Police receive BMR armor
National Guard came to another printing company Artyplan, in Sant Feliu de Llobregat
Catalonia's EU accession next day after referendum' impossible - @JunckerEU
Juncker: If "yes" will win, we will respect the independence of Catalonia
US State department on referendum in Catalonia: It is an "internal matter" of Spain, according to spokesman Heather Nauert.
The judge ordered to close the website of the Catalonia referendum
National Guard came to company from Malgrat de Mar to close the Catalonia referendum website
The public prosecutor mobilizes local police against the Catalonia referendum
Spain's state prosecutor orders criminal investigation of more than 700 Catalonia mayors for cooperating with referendum
The Prosecutor's Office asks to investigate all the mayors committed to the referendum
Spanish government deploys police to prevent referendum on independence in Catalonia
The terrorist alert of the Sagrada Família is a false alarm
Video from the center of Barcelona, where a police intervention takes place at the Sagrada Familia cathedral
Evacuation of entire area near the Sagrada Familia church Barcelona because of a suspicious commercial vehicle
The TEDAX of the Mossos investigate a suspicious van in the surroundings of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
Spain Barcelona - Metro stations of lines 2 and 5 in the neighborhood have been evacuated.
Police evacuate the Sagrada Familia church and nearby shops in Barcelona, Spain, as they carry out an anti-terrorism operation.
Barcelona police cordon off the Sagrada Familia of Barcelona within an antiterrorist operation
Catalans take to the streets to demand independence referendum #Catalunya #Espana