Map. History of Spain conflict

15 August 2018
Puigdemont urges Madrid to 'start political dialogue' in Catalonia row
Catalonia's Puigdemont leaves German jail on bail
Puigdemont: "I suppose you understand that this is over."
Puigdemont: "We are seeing the last days of republican Catalonia"
In a series of four mobile phone messages sent to the former regional health minister Toni Comín last night in Belgium, Carles Puigdemont admits the Catalan Republic is over and that the Spanish government's plan is working
Separatist groups in Barcelona have given up on the Catalan Spring idea after a couple of hours, announce they are leaving Parliament park "because of police brutality and arrest of two people".
The moment some separatist protestors broke into Parliament park earlier, breaking past the Catalan police trying to hold the gate shut
Estimate of 1,000 separatist protestors outside Catalan Parliament building now. Some of them have voted to stay the night
Puigdemont's party announces there will be a message from Puigdemont at 8 p.m.
Puigdemont has cancelled a speech a meeting of Flemish nationalists
Separatist group on Telegram calls for supporters to camp out in Parliament park in Barcelona and bring tents, food, clothes to spend the night
6 month ago
Gibraltar says can implement selective parts of Brexit, muddying outcome - report
Head of Parliament postpones voting for new President, only candidate Puigdemont, who's still missing, probably in Brussels. No new date set. Legally, time runs out tomorrow
Puigdemont has 'every right' to be re-elected: Catalan parliament speaker
Catalan parliament speaker says will not propose any other candidate than self-exiled former Catalan head Carles Puigdemont for vote on new regional leader
Puigdemont weighs return to Spain amid threat of jail
Police in Seville investigating theft of 4,000 kg of oranges
Prime minister contacted members of Constitutional court before Puigdemont decision, el país reports
Spanish court blocks Puigdemont's return to power in Catalonia
Spanish government announces legal challenge against former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont's comeback bid
Spain expel the ambassador of Venezuela
Radical left catalan separatist youth group claims anti-nazi crusade as excuse for attack at newspaper Crónica Global
Venezuela expels Spanish ambassador: Europa
I welcome Spain's plans for significant increases in defence investment; I encourage you to continue on this path. This is key for fairer burden-sharing between North America and Europe - @jensstoltenberg
Preparing for the NATOSummit 2018 in Brussels, we will work on: strengthening our collective defence and deterrence – keeping the peace in Europe and keeping us all safe. We will also work to project stability beyond our borders: this is key in the fight against terrorism [email protected]
We expect to set up a new Cyber Operations Centre. Spain's national cyber command could play a key role in contributing knowledge and experience to NATO – @jensstoltenberg
Spain contributes to NATO battlegroup in Latvia, polices the Baltic airspace regularly, hosts missile defence ships and helps protecting Turkey against missile threats from Syria – NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg
"Mr. Torrent", said the Deputy PM, referring to the new Speaker of the Catalan Parliament: "cannot put Mr. Puigdemont forward as a candidate"
Spain plans to take Puigdemont's bid for Catalan presidency to court
Spanish government launches legal challenge to stop Puigdemont confidence debate in Catalan parliament
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