Map. History of Spain conflict

19 January 2018
Elections must 'ratify' Catalonia's 'will' to be independent: Puigdemont
Ledezma asked for asylum in Spain
Supreme Court of Spain takes over the investigation into accusations of rebellion, sedition and misuse of public funds by Carles Puigdemont and other former members of Catalan government from the National High Court
Spain Home Secretary says police have arrested a man who "celebrated the death" of recently deceased Director of Public Prosecutions "and threatened the central government representative in Catalonia on social media" for inciting hatred and libel.
1 month ago
Spain Melilla - 21-year-old Spanish national detained on suspicion of spreading jihadist propaganda and recruiting fighters for IS.
Spanish government blames Catalan separatists for Barcelona losing race to be new EMA home city
Weapons and ammo seized by @guardiacivil in Roquetas de Mar
Spain's Director Of Public Prosecutions, José Manuel Maza, Dies Unexpectedly In Buenos Aires Following Infection
Puigdemont tweets Spanish state "has no limits", "is capable of everything", in context of terror attacks imam having once been informant for Spanish intelligence services: "strategy of fear is always accompanied by violence"
Spain court says ex-IMF head Rato to be tried for banking fraud
40 people dedicated to drug trafficking and money laundering arrested and intervened more than 13 million euros in cash, 105 kilograms of hashish, 18 high-end vehicles and 3 vessels. Cooperation between Spain Morocco @Europol US Germany Italy
Spain to 'comply' with Belgian decision on extradition of Catalan ex-leader: Rajoy
Belgian prosecutors ask court to extradite ex Catalan leader Puigdemont
Up these stairs a judge is hearing arguments on whether to send the dismissed Catalan leader and four ex-ministers back to Madrid, where they face jail.
Catalan ex-leader arrives for Belgian extradition hearing: source
Carles Puigdemont:We must be confident, resilient because we will win. We will succeed. Finally, democracy will prevail. Thanks for this conversation @alexsalmond
2 month ago
Ousted Catalan president Carles Puigdemont first guest on Alex Salmond’s RT show
2 month ago
Russia blames accusations for its alleged interference in Catalonia to the "many unresolved internal problems" in Spain
Court orders Spain be compensated 1.6 bln euros over Prestige oil spill
2 month ago
It's propaganda
Claims that Russia is interfering in Catalan, UK affairs is hysteria - Lavrov
Russian network used Venezuelan accounts to deepen Catalan crisis
Non-secessionist solution to Catalan crisis possible, says ex-leader
Spain believes Russia tried to sway Catalonia referendum, destabilise NATO ally Spain
Spain to brief EU on alleged cyber-meddling in Catalonia
Spanish PM, in Catalonia, calls for big turnout at December election
Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy urges businesses not to abandon Catalonia after hundreds of firms moved their legal headquarters away as uncertainty over the region's independence drive drags on
Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy to visit Catalonia after imposing direct rule
Puigdemont is "ready", as a moral duty, to lead an independent citizens' candidacy for the December 21 election
Speaker of Catalonia's sacked parliament leaves jail: Interior Ministry
Catalan speaker has bail paid, may leave jail - court source says