Map. History of Spain conflict

19 January 2018
Pro-independence parties are left without an absolute majority in votes and seats in the 21-D elections, according to the CIS
Magnitude 4.0 earthquake in Caudete (Castilla la Mancha).
Judge keeps Catalan ex-vice president, three other leaders in jail: court
Former Catalonia vice-president refused bail - court source
Six former Catalonia cabinet members released on bail - supreme court source
Brussels court will hearing extradition of for ousted president of Catalonia Puigdemont and his 4 ministers
Thousands attend a concert in Barcelona demanding the freedom of eight pro-independence Catalan politicians and two activists charged with sedition
Puigdemont, from Brussels: The geographic distance that separates us is proximity of political commitments and desire to build a future together
Spain has launched the procedure to extradite Oleksandr Onyshchenko — a Ukrainian parliamentarian who fled corruption charges at home in 2016 — back to Ukraine.
A Spanish Supreme Court judge will decide Monday whether or not to release 10 separatist leaders who were jailed pending a probe into their role in Catalonia's independence drive
Fate of jailed Catalan leaders to be decided Monday: judicial source
Separatism has 'come to an end': Madrid envoy to Catalonia
The Mossos investigates the murder of a man in Viladecans (Baix Llobregat). According to police sources death have been caused by the detonation of an explosive device placed under a car.
Three dead bodies pulled from sea near Spain after migrant boat sinks
Aerial image of the state of the track near Arahal, where the Málaga-Seville train derailed this morning
27 injured after train derails near Seville in bad weather
A passenger of the train derailed in Malaga: "We literally flown"
21 injured in the derailment of a train Malaga-Seville in Arahal
Spanish Foreign Secretary @AlfonsoDastisQ: "We condemn the latest missile launch by North Korea". Statement describes "irresponsible act that constitutes one more link in a long chain of threatening acts towards neighbouring countries"
A taxi strike across Spain today, in protest over Uber and Cabify. 24 hours. Central protest in Madrid at 12 p.m.
Venezuela and Russia Teamed Up to Push Pro-Catalan Fake News. 3% came from non-venezuelan, non-russian, real sources
Jailed former Catalan vice-president accepts Madrid rule: lawyer
Junqueras abides by article 155 and promises the Supreme Court to act from dialogue
Two ISIS supporters were detained in Barcelona during counter-terror raid
Puigdemont suggests Spanish intelligence services were "disloyal" regarding terror attacks in Catalonia in August: "we don't know if we would have been able to avoid an attack and more dead"
Separatists and unionists tied for support ahead of Catalan elections: poll
1 month ago
22 injured when a disco floor collapsed in Adeje (Tenerife)
Puigdemont describes EU as "club of decadent, obsolescent countries ruled by the few".
Puigdemont: Elections must "ratify" Catalonia's will to be an independent state
Elections must 'ratify' Catalonia's 'will' to be independent: Puigdemont