Map. History of Spain conflict

26 sentyabr 2018
PSOE rejects early elections, Rajoy cancels meetings
Podemos vote on Pablo Iglesias's new luxury home ends today at 2 p.m. but results won't be made public until Monday at 11 a.m.
Spanish PM Rajoy cancels trip to Kyiv to Real Madrid play Liverpool tomorrow night because of political crisis and PSOE challenge.
4 month ago
Rajoy not calling early general election. "I am in favour of parliaments lasting four years", adds other parties "fixated" on early elections
4 month ago
Rajoy says Sánchez ready to do a deal with Puigdemont in order to become Prime Minister
4 month ago
Rajoy says PSOE motion of no confidence "damaging" for Spain, Sánchez's only options are Ciudadanos or coalition of regional nationalists, to include "PDeCat of Mr. Puigdemont and Mr. Torra". That, says Rajoy, "won't work and Mr. Sánchez knows it"
4 month ago
Meanwhile, iIParliament, MPs have been arguing about the placement of a symbolic yellow ribbon. Ciudadanos removed it and Speaker Torrent suspended the session
Rajoy to make a statement "in a few minutes".
Ciudadanos confirms vote against PSOE motion of no confidence
Ciudadanos wants early elections because Rivera is doing well in the polls. They are not going to support the PSOE vote, want Rajoy to call early elections, and then Ciudadanos would table another motion
Ciudadanos Wants Early Elections, Will Not Support PSOE Vote Against Rajoy
4 month ago
Ciudadanos position on PSOE motion of no confidence vote, early elections, not as clear as first headlines suggest
4 month ago
Spain's Socialists file a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy after his Popular Party were found guilty of benefiting from illegal funds in a mega graft trial
Spain's Ciudadanos seeks snap polls after ruling party's graft conviction
Former treasurer of Spain's ruling party gets 33 years in jail in graft case
4 month ago
Local media reporting one death in Galicia fireworks explosion. Europa Press reporting four.
Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) spokesman suggested support for budget was related to Catalan separatists believing prolonged suspension of home rule would end "in days"
Basque Nationalists (PNV) to support Rajoy 2018 budget, despite last minute doubts over extended suspension of home rule in Catalonia
4 month ago
National High Court judge Carmen Lamela brings investigation into former Catalan Police @mossos chief Trapero and three others to an end, sends them to trial for sedition and criminal organisation
4 month ago
Catalan First Minister Quim Torra delays swearing in of new regional ministers in light of central government refusal to publish appointments in official gazette; Torra to seek legal advice
Court has published its full response to the prosecutors' filing. They don't see any reason - for- to expand the extradition arrest warrant of Puigdemont to include rebellion. Looks like the prosecutors have their work cut out
4 month ago
EFE reports German court rejects Spanish charge of rebellion for Puigdemont
Quim Torra, as the new First Minister of Catalonia, writes Judge Llarena: "has externalised his will and determination to advance the illegally declared independent republic"
Puigdemont should not be taken back into detention in Germany, a court in the state of Schleswig-Holstein ruled. The court rejected a renewed prosecution request for Puigdemont to be detained
4 month ago
Supreme Court refuses to allow Catalan separatists out of jail to be sworn in as regional ministers
German prosecutors say Carles Puigdmont should be extradited to Spain to face rebellion charges after all. Court decision due later today
4 month ago
German Appeal Court rejects prosecutor's attempt to have Catalan leader Carlos Puigdemont put behind bars pending extradition to Spain.
4 month ago
German prosecutors say they are preparing application to extradite Catalan leader Puigdemont to Spain
Israel summons Spanish, Slovenian envoys over vote at UN Human Rights body backing Gaza probe
PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez extends his new line of attack: "Torra is a racist leading the Catalan government, he is the Le Pen of Spanish politics".
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