Map. History of Spain conflict

21 September 2018
Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy to make a statement at 1 p.m.
Portugal assumed lead and Spain assumed augmenting role for NATO #BalticAirPolicing rotation at Šiauliai. Four Portuguese F-16s and four Spanish Eurofighter Typhoons will safeguard Baltic skies, along with French detachment in Ämari
Spain PM says 'no impunity' for ETA crimes
4 month ago
Basque separatist group ETA announces formal dissolution in letter to Spanish newspaper. Comes a year after ending its half-century fight for an independent homeland in northern Spain
The demonstrators against the #LaManada sentence arrive at the Gran Vía de Madrid
Lionel Messi can register his name as trademark for sports goods: EU court
Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy (PP) says "She has done what she had to do. Her resignation had to happen in those circumstances".
Cifuentes says she was "spied" on. Publication of the compromising footage "had broken through all the red lines" in Spanish politics. "[Someone] already tried to bribe me with this same video a couple of years ago".
First minister of Madrid resigns after newspaper publishes 2011 video of her stealing cosmetic creams
Turkish PM:Spain is helping Turkey's air defence since 2 years because of increasing threats from Syria towards Turkey.We see Spain as a true friend and ally in NATO and Europe.We want to increase relations with them. said ahead of formal visit to Spain.5 month ago
Turkish PM:"Spain is helping Turkey's air defence since 2 years because of increasing threats from Syria towards Turkey.We see Spain as a true friend and ally in NATO and Europe.We want to increase relations with them." said ahead of formal visit to Spain.
Ciudadanos leader in Catalonia, Inés Arrimadas, says Puigdemont and Toni Comín are still receiving their salary as regional MPs while they are abroad evading Spanish courts; Arrimadas wants government to "react" over news Catalan Parliament will accept proxy votes from them.
A Bosnian was arrested in Italy with an arsenal on his way to Barcelona
Unexpected topic at the SPD conference: Catalonia. Head of @PSOE -invited speaker- says secessionism is a threat to Spain and the EU.
5 month ago
First Minister of Andalusia, Susana Diaz (PSOE): "It is late, violence can never be justified. They are the only ones to blame for the pain caused"
5 month ago
Basque First Minister Iñigo Urkullu (PNV): new ETA statement "one more step", "they have the opportunity, in their final, unilateral declaration, to consider all victims in the same way and recognise the unfair damage caused".
La Vanguardia reports former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls is considering a proposal from Ciudadanos to become their candidate for Mayor of Barcelona
5 month ago
Basque separatist group ETA apologises for 'harm' it has caused: statement
Spain Finance Minister Montoro in El Mundo interview on Monday: "I don't know what money was used to pay for those Chinese ballot boxes on October 1, or to pay for Puigdemont's expenses. But I know it wasn't public money"
Supreme Court orders finance minister to prove no public funds spent on Catalan separatist referendum
Spanish state unable to cope with two million separatist voters on October 1 but avoided "massacre", say most senior Spanish judges, who confirm Catalonia declared independence
Michel Barnier: Spain has a "lever of unanimous solidarity" from the EU in post-Brexit Gibraltar negotiations
Catalan Parliament to present a criminal complaint against Supreme Court judge Pablo Llarena for refusing to allow Jordi Sánchez out of jail to attend a confidence debate
No confidence debate in the Catalan Parliament this morning, after a Supreme Court judge again refused to allow the separatist candidate, Jordi Sánchez, out of jail to attend
Supreme Court rejects petition by Jordi Sánchez to be released from prison for confidence debate in Catalonia on Friday, again.
Catalonia Ponsati extradition process in Scotland adjourned until May
Edinburgh court says the case on the extradition of Catalan politician Ponsati to Spain needs further procedural hearing
Saudi crown prince's visit to Spain will add 'new dimension' to bilateral ties. CrownPrinceInSpain
Mohammed Ben Salman arrives in Madrid on his first official visit
German warrant is for a British citizen wanted for smuggling and tax evasion, but the Spanish prosecutor's statement clearly, if indirectly, references Schleswig-Holstein decision on Puigdemont
Ignacio Aguado, Ciudadanos leader in Madrid, calls on the First Minister, Cristina Cifuentes (PP), to resign.
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