Spain's former prime minister Mariano Rajoy stands down as leader of the People's Party

Map. History of Spain conflict

24 September 2018
Rajoy says PP must "defend its work" over the past few years, "and get back in government as soon as possible". "I have tried to be fair and protect the good name of our party".
Rajoy says no one really talking about Spain's risk premium any more, says 2.7 million jobs created during his time in government.
Rajoy says his government "never negotiated anything with [Basque terrorist group] ETA", "we have never moved [ETA] prisoners closer to the Basque Country".
Spain's former prime minister Mariano Rajoy stands down as leader of the People's Party
Rajoy says PSOE rejected idea of forming a grand coalition like in Germany: "Mr. Sánchez never gave up on the idea of a Frankenstein government".
Rajoy says Spaniards "have not lost confidence" in the Popular Party, but rather "our opponents, goaded on by populism".
Rajoy says other parties "manipulating and lying" about the Gürtel fraud judgement that led to him being ousted in confidence vote last week: "that's all they are, manipulation and lies".
Rajoy says "very grave precedent set in Spanish democracy" after PSOE takes power with "someone who lost elections", says new government already "stigmatised".
Tusk: First phone call with Spain's PM @sanchezcastejon. Look forward to continuing our constructive and pro-European discussion when meeting ahead of the June EUCO
Spain's Socialists to name Maria Jesus Montero as new budget minister: PM aide
No early elections in Spain, aide to new PM says
German prosecutors say they have applied to the German regional court in Schleswig for the extradition of former Catalan leader Carlos Puigdemont
El Diario: "Congress appoints Sánchez Prime Minister with more support than Rajoy obtained"
Podemos and Catalan separatist supporters "very excited" outside Congress after Sánchez ousts Rajoy.
Parliament ousts Spain PM, replaced by Socialist leader
Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy lost confidence vote in parliament
Rajoy Sacked, Pedro Sánchez New Socialist PM Of Spain
Spain's Rajoy out. Admits defeat ahead of no confidence vote
Spain PM admits defeat ahead of no-confidence vote
OK Diario reports two bottles of whisky were drunk before Rajoy hugged the chef and left the restaurant in Madrid where he was holed up all evening yesterday. Mr. Rajoy has not turned up for parliament this morning.
Bill Browder: After my arrest in Madrid on Russia's abusive Interpol arrest warrant, Rebecca Harms MEP has written to the head of Interpol calling on the organization "to immediately suspend Russia's access to Interpol's systems until Russia ceases circulating notices for Mr Browder"
Spanish media is reporting the Basque party is to vote against prime minister Mariano Rajoy in a no-confidence motion and says this makes it almost certain he will have to step down
Spanish opposition said to have enough votes in parliament to oust PM Rajoy, TVE says
The Moncloa announces that Rajoy will not be in Congress this afternoon in the debate of the motion of censure
Rajoy concludes: "You cannot be Prime Minister because you have never won an election"
Sánchez concludes: "I wish you the best personally, Mr. Rajoy, but in politics, you cannot go on as Prime Minister"
Basque nationalists (PNV) tweet they are still in their extraordinary meeting, "following the motion of no confidence" from their HQ.
Sánchez tells Rajoy he needs to resign, again. Rajoy chucks it right back at him, says Sánchez doesn't currently have the confidence of the house or voters.
Sánchez says he will meet the new First Minister of Catalonia, Quim Torra
Sánchez says he's not going to accept lessons from Rajoy about "my love for my country".
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