Video of Rajoy chewing nervously as Pedro Sánchez offers him the chance to resign and put an end to it all

Map. History of Spain conflict

21 September 2018
Bill Browder: After my arrest in Madrid on Russia's abusive Interpol arrest warrant, Rebecca Harms MEP has written to the head of Interpol calling on the organization "to immediately suspend Russia's access to Interpol's systems until Russia ceases circulating notices for Mr Browder"
Spanish media is reporting the Basque party is to vote against prime minister Mariano Rajoy in a no-confidence motion and says this makes it almost certain he will have to step down
Spanish opposition said to have enough votes in parliament to oust PM Rajoy, TVE says
The Moncloa announces that Rajoy will not be in Congress this afternoon in the debate of the motion of censure
Rajoy concludes: "You cannot be Prime Minister because you have never won an election"
Sánchez concludes: "I wish you the best personally, Mr. Rajoy, but in politics, you cannot go on as Prime Minister"
Basque nationalists (PNV) tweet they are still in their extraordinary meeting, "following the motion of no confidence" from their HQ.
Sánchez tells Rajoy he needs to resign, again. Rajoy chucks it right back at him, says Sánchez doesn't currently have the confidence of the house or voters.
Sánchez says he will meet the new First Minister of Catalonia, Quim Torra
Sánchez says he's not going to accept lessons from Rajoy about "my love for my country".
Rajoy says Sánchez's plan "is incredible. It deforms reality".
Rajoy says PSOE challenge "is an exercise in pyrotechnics. You don't have a plan for Spain".
Several reports from Spanish political correspondents on Twitter that Basque nationalists (PNV) are demanding Rajoy resign to stop them voting for Sánchez.
Sánchez offers Rajoy the chance to resign again: "I'm very sorry but you cannot continue to be Prime Minister" after the Gürtel judgement.
Basque Nationalist (PNV) spokesman Aitor Esteban leaves the chamber after listening to Sánchez budget and dialogue remarks.
After promising Basque nationalists he will keep Rajoy's 2018 budget, Pedro Sánchez offers "dialogue" to Catalan separatists.
Pedro Sánchez says new PSOE government would keep the budget the PP is pushing through parliament "out of responsibility". Important signal to Basque nationalists (PNV).
Pedro Sánchez says his plan for government would be based on institutional, budgetary, social and territorial stability.
Video of Rajoy chewing nervously as Pedro Sánchez offers him the chance to resign and put an end to it all
Sánchez (PSOE): "This debate could end right now. Are you ready to resign? Resign and it will all come to an end. Are you going to continue, Mr. Rajoy?". Rajoy appears to be chewing something nervously. "Resign, Mr. Rajoy, resign", says Sánchez
Sánchez: "The Constitution is the keystone of our democracy", adds that the country is faced with the "very grave facts" of the PP's corruption, "that demand a conclusive result from this chamber".
Rajoy says Ábalos has "not said anything good" in his remarks, "the only thing you have done is say absolutely nothing", adds PSOE spokesman "hasn't even taken note of the questions I just asked you".
Rivera (Ciudadanos) picks up on the PSOE and PP slinging mud at each other about which is the most corrupt party: "Spain's champions league in corruption today in Congress is pathetic".
Ábalos replies to Rajoy that the two parties "are living in different universes", "you offer nothing new", says "cannot compare" two parties on corruption.
Rajoy is arguing that the PSOE motion of no confidence has no moral authority because the PSOE is as corrupt as the PP: "Are you Mother Teresa?", he asks them, to giggles from his own side.
Rajoy wonders if the PSOE will table a motion of no confidence in itself when the ERE fraud case judgement—which affects the socialist party in Andalusia—is published.
Rajoy tells socialists: "the risk premium skyrockets when you open your mouths".
Rajoy asks socialists on the opposing benches if they have even read the judgement: "you must not lie to Congress".
Rajoy says no current government ministers have been convicted in the Gürtel judgement. Civil liability as profit-seeking participant is not a criminal conviction, adds PM.
Rajoy says PSOE has "manipulated" the Gürtel judgement to table its motion of no confidence. PP applauds.
Rajoy begins reply by rejecting Ábalos's "exaggerated rhetoric". - "You have done everything you needed to to except be right and convince us". - "You were in such a rush [to table motion] that you hid from the leadership of your own party"
Pablo Iglesias denies he is wearing a suit for the occasion: "it's just a jacket and jeans like always".
PSOE's Ábalos: "we want a great nation", "Spain is not a country you can put in your pocket".
PSOE's Ábalos says Spanish government needs "strength and moral authority". "We cannot normalise corruption, it cannot become inevitable"
Rajoy says there "is not one line in those 1,600 pages [of the Gürtel judgement] that includes a conviction of the PP".
PSOE spokesman Ábalos asks other parties in the chamber if they are going to "collaborate" with the "impunity" of the PP after the Gürtel judgement, which "was financed illegally"
Uninspiring rhetoric from PSOE spokesman Ábalos—who is introducing Mr. Sánchez—so far, full of all of the typical arguments about corruption and the PP. Says it affects credibility of Spain and its democracy.
PP correspondent @montesinospablo tells La Sexta Rajoy "angry, irritated" with motion of no confidence, PM's future uncertain, Basque Nationalist (PNV) support for Popular Party NOT CERTAIN
Spain's biggest opposition party is negotiating for the support they need to oust Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy in a no-confidence vote Friday
Bill Browder: Good news. Spanish National Police just released me after Interpol General Secretary in Lyon advised them not to honor the new Russian Interpol Red Notice. This is the 6th time that Russia has abused Interpol in my case
Bill Browder @Billbrowder tweets photo of Spanish arrest warrant: fraud
@guyverhofstadt: Worrying that autocratic Russia can get democratic Spain to go after someone fighting to expose Putin's crimes and those responsible for Magnitsky's murder. @BillBrowder's rights must be protected
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