National High Court judge orders Puigdemont + 13 former regional ministers to appear in court on Thursday + Friday.

Map. History of Spain conflict

21 September 2018
Puigdemont urges Madrid to 'start political dialogue' in Catalonia row
Catalonia's Puigdemont leaves German jail on bail
Spanish court is preparing to charge the president of Catalonia
National High Court judge orders Puigdemont + 13 former regional ministers to appear in court on Thursday + Friday.
Support for independence in Catalonia is at 48.7%, nearly 8 points higher than June'17 according to CEO's Political Opinion barometer
Belgian PM says Catalan ex-leader will be treated 'like any other European citizen'
Puigdemont says the problem started on October 1 with "violence from the Spanish side"
Former Catalan regional interior minister Forn says (in French) that Spanish government wants to jail them "like militants"
Press asked Puigdemont how long he will stay in Belgium, Puigdemont says "it depends" on circumstances
Puigdemont says title of Public Prosecutor's document, "harder will be the fall", shows Spain looking for "revenge", not justice
Puigdemont says he is not in Belgium to ask for political asylum. "This is not a matter of Belgian politics"
Puigdemont says he wants to "keep Catalan institutions alive" and "prevent Article 155"
Puigdemont says Catalan people have in front of them a state that only understands violence
Puigdemont says Article 155 elections are a "democratic challenge"
Puigdemont says he does not want to elude his legal responsibilities
Puigdemont says he is the legitimate President of Catalonia
Spain's Supreme Court says it has agreed to hear rebellion case against ousted Catalonia separatist lawmakers
Press in Brussels is waiting for the press conference by Catalan leader Puigdemont.
10 month ago
As a country that values and fosters unity in diversity, India would urge that issues of identity and culture are best addressed within the constitutional framework and with respect for national integrity: Indian Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar on Catalonia
10 month ago
Have noted the negative global reaction to this development. Neither Europe nor the world would benefit from instability: Indian Ministry of External Affairs on Catalonia
Puigdemont and members of his government to make statement this pm, direct from Belgium.
@LaVanguardia reports Pugidemont in Brussels with 14 members of the dismissed Catalan government
Spanish Home Office confirms to La Sexta that Puigdemont is in Brussels.
The Prosecutor claims Puigdemont, Forcadell acquitted of charges filed a bond of 6.207.450 €
First page of public prosecutor's accusation against entire former Catalan government at National High Court in Madrid.
Spanish prosecutors seeking charges of rebellion, sedition and embezzlement against ousted Catalan Cabinet officials.
China voices support for Spanish government's effort to maintain national unity amid Catalonia tension
President of the Catalan Parliament announces the acceptance of the decision of the Spanish government to dissolve parliament
The independence leaders assume the application of the 155 without resistance
The Attorney General of Spain will make an appearance at 12.30
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