Declared a forest fire in Pollença (Mallorca). The northern part of the island is at risk from strong winds

Map. History of Spain conflict

22 January 2018
Evacuated around 60 homes cause the fire in Coll de Síller de Mallorca. The origin of the fire is unknown, although everything points to an explosion in a high-voltage tower
Five minors were arrested who were persecuting a young man in Carabanchel (Madrid) with machetes of up to 52 centimeters
Declared a forest fire in Pollença (Mallorca). The northern part of the island is at risk from strong winds3 week ago
Declared a forest fire in Pollença (Mallorca). The northern part of the island is at risk from strong winds
Montoro approves new measures to keep control of Catalan finances
3 week ago
The two councilors of the CUP of Reus arrested for alleged crime of hate by the police
Interior Ministry will withdraw the additional deployment of National Police and Civil Guard agents in Catalonia before Saturday
France/Spain: 32-year-old Algerian jihadist arrested in France by request of the Spanish authorities
Seven people intoxicated by carbon monoxide with a charcoal brazier in Montehermoso (Cáceres)
Spain: the application of Article 155 of the Constitution in Catalonia will end
The Ibex 35 (-0.99%) struggles to maintain the 10,200 following the electoral result in Catalonia
Ousted Catalan leader Puigdemont offers to meet PM Rajoy outside Spain
Puigdemont: If I am appointed president, I will enter the Palau de la Generalitat
Former Catalonia leader Carles Puigdemont says the time has come for dialogue, politics
Puigdemont press conference from Belgium: Rajoy has the opportunity to be part of the solution
MEP in second biggest Catalonian Independence Party tells forming coalition should be easier than 2015, with coalition agreement expected by Feb.
Rajoy to speak at 2pm
The Supreme Court investigates Artur Mas, Marta Rovira and Anna Gabriel for an alleged crime of "rebellion" in the procés
Independence parties obtains 96,000 votes more after proclaiming the republic and the accusations of rebellion
#ElectionsCataluña: With 96% counted, the results are almost final
Party of ousted Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont claims victory for separatist bloc in regional election.
Catalan National Assembly (ANC) claims separatist victory in regional elections, says result "ratifies Catalan republic".
La Sexta reporter just described PP HQ in Madrid as "a funeral home", as Catalan election results come in.
JxCat + ERC + CUP JxCat + ERC + CatComu Podem + CUP. These are the combinations that would reach the absolute majority in the Parlament with 76% counted
3 million votes have now been counted in Catalonia, 71% of the total. Separatist block holding on to its majority.
The full series of Puigdemont's reaction to seeing the positive data for @JuntsXCat in Brussels
Map of the Catalan municipalities with the electoral results of todays vote
1 month ago
A man wanted for his alleged relationship with jihadists has crossed the border into northern Catalonia. After one hour in Spanish territory he has returned to France
Spanish police are searching for a presumed jihadist in Barcelona in imminent 'lone wolf' would attack; his name: Abdel Hakim El Ouakili (37) (source: @gaceta_es)
The independence movement obtains the absolute majority with more than 40% counted
Catalonia results: With 37.47% counted: @JuntsXCat (35 seats) advances to @CiutadansCs (34),