Spain believes Russia tried to sway Catalonia referendum, destabilise NATO ally Spain

Map. History of Spain conflict

21 September 2018
Puigdemont urges Madrid to 'start political dialogue' in Catalonia row
Catalonia's Puigdemont leaves German jail on bail
Non-secessionist solution to Catalan crisis possible, says ex-leader
Spain believes Russia tried to sway Catalonia referendum, destabilise NATO ally Spain
Spain to brief EU on alleged cyber-meddling in Catalonia
Spanish PM, in Catalonia, calls for big turnout at December election
Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy urges businesses not to abandon Catalonia after hundreds of firms moved their legal headquarters away as uncertainty over the region's independence drive drags on
Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy to visit Catalonia after imposing direct rule
Puigdemont is "ready", as a moral duty, to lead an independent citizens' candidacy for the December 21 election
Speaker of Catalonia's sacked parliament leaves jail: Interior Ministry
Catalan speaker has bail paid, may leave jail - court source says
Spain’s government is pushing for the release of eight former Catalan officials, source says
Spain's state prosecutor asks judge to jail Catalan Parliament speaker and three lawmakers
[email protected] #Puigdemont announces the "roadmap" of his government in Belgium in a letter to the Catalans
Catalan parliament speaker appears before Spain's Supreme Court
Protestors on the tracks at Sants station in Barcelona not going anywhere for now. Jumping up and down and chanting on the tracks
Mossos enters the Sants train station in Barcelona
At Barcelona Sants station, protestors have occupied the tracks in front of an actual train
Now there are also protestors on the tracks at Barcelona Sants train station
Catalan pro-independence supporters hold a rally in front of the Basílica de la Sagrada Família in Barcelona
Separatist protestors queue for rice with vegetables for lunch on the AVE high-speed train tracks inside Gerona station
Thousands of people ask in Barcelona for the freedom of "political prisoners"
The Constitutional Court annuls the declaration of independence of Catalonia of October 27
Catalan Police (Mossos) give up after one attempt to unblock a protest on the AP7 road in Riudellots
Catalonia's two largest pro-independence parties the PDeCAT and ERC will run separately in Dec 21 elections
Montilla: "Puigdemont has lost contact with reality"
Protesters block roads and train tracks in Catalonia as part of a region-wide strike called by pro-independence union
Belgian PM denies 'crisis' over deposed Catalan leader
Catalan traffic authority figures currently show 48 different road closures across the region this morning due to the protests
Carles Puigdemont agitates against EU institutions in Brussels. Spared jail by Belgian judge but politically very active
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